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Three Ways a Landscaper Could Help You to Design Your Garden 

Plenty of home owners enjoy gardens, but if there’s one thing that most will agree upon it’s that they can take an awful lot of maintenance to remain functional. Fortunately, landscape design agencies are on hand to look after a range of garden-based responsibilities, from maintaining a lawn right through to planting new trees and even installing decking. PlantedPassion in in Perth WA can help you achieve all this at Australian Native Garden Design Perth | Planted Passion

Three ways a landscaper could help you to enjoy your garden

Most landscapers will offer a range of services such as maintenance, installation and construction. There are three particular services that seem to be increasing in popularity as the years go by – and more information can be found on each of them below.

Alfresco landscaping

This type of landscaping project can be ideal for anyone that’s hoping to enjoy a warm evening in their garden, or a party during the day while the barbeque is on rather than sitting inside in the air conditioning. By having a patio or decking installed in a certain part of the garden, you’ll be able to enjoy a dedicated area built to suit your requirements that could also add value to your home in the process.

Earthmoving services

For anyone that is having to deal with an uneven garden, earthmoving services can be an ideal way to correct the issues. Vehicles that are built to deal with these types of tasks are often heavy duty and will need to be operated by a licensed landscaping contractor – but this expense can be well worth it once the results are seen. It’s possible to remove soil, reshape it and flatten it entirely to make way for a new feature, or to enjoy a more aesthetically pleasing view.

Irrigation installation

Irrigation systems can be very beneficial; not just to the flora within a garden, but to the home owner’s pocket as well. By having one of these systems installed in an outdoor space, any rain water can be safely stored and then used to water plants, which can reduce energy consumption and minimise bills in the process.

These are just a few great ways that a landscape gardening company could benefit a home and its garden. There are many more services available including construction, kitchen gardens, pool landscaping (in a range of styles including Japanese, Tuscan and Balinese), as well as options to have the condition of soil improved and general maintenance to ensure that the outdoor space is as healthy as it is functional.

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