Power Sweepers

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Broom Attachments For Power Sweepers

Whether you own retail or commercial properties, power sweepers can help you maintain the cleanliness of your property. Power sweepers are available for hire on a schedule or on an as-needed basis, depending on the size and complexity of your property. Power sweepers are machines that plow clean the top layer of asphalt and concrete. Companies like McRae’s use these machines to clean sites across the Lower Mainland. To learn more about these machines, read on.

Hand-push power sweepers

One of the best ways to keep a public space clean is with a hand-push power sweeper. These devices are easy to use and require little maintenance, and they sweep larger areas more efficiently than brooms. They can be used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces, and have adjustable heights. A hand-powered sweeper can clean up to 2600 square feet in an hour, and has a foldable handle for compact storage.

The hand-push power sweeper is ideal for small, weekly maintenance tasks, but some neighborhoods restrict the noise of power equipment, such as vacuums. These machines are often more expensive than their smaller, hand-push counterparts, but they’re still cheaper than wheeled models. The Toro 12 Amp Electric Leaf Blower has a 235-mph wind speed and a handy shredder. Listed on Amazon for $75, this hand-push power sweeper has 4.5-star reviews and a two-year warranty. The Toro resembles a rotary mower, and is lightweight and compact.

Skid steer broom attachments

Whether you have a compact track loader, wheel loader, or tractor, you can mount a broom attachment for power sweepers on it. With so many options available, finding a broom that fits your machine’s specifications is easy. Listed below are a few different types of skid steer broom attachments for power sweepers. Choose the best type of broom attachment for your needs.

Rotary skid steer brooms: Unlike traditional sweeping tools, skid steer rotary rotaries can angle left or right, making sweeping more efficient. They also feature hydraulic angling, allowing them to sweep in a directional fashion. The pick-up broom for skid steers is the most popular skid steer broom for municipal and parking lot professionals.

Angle brooms: When choosing a broom for a skid steer power sweeper, keep in mind the required hydraulic flow. A single-motor angle broom, for example, requires an operating flow of eight to 25 gpm, while a dual-motor broom requires an operating flow of 18 to 36 gpm. A hopper broom, on the other hand, requires a higher hydraulic flow than an angle broom.

Regenerative air sweeping technology

Regenerative air sweepers utilize a closed loop system that regenerates the air used to clean the pavement. The air is filtered before it is blown onto the pavement, where it collects fine dust and debris. These sweepers are especially effective at removing fine sediment, and their large intake tubes don’t clog easily. The benefits of this technology make it a popular choice for sweeping downtown areas, alleyways, and roadways.

Regenerative air sweepers are also effective at picking up heavy debris. These sweepers can clean up concrete chunks as large as 8 inches and use a blast-and-pickup cycle to remove debris. Regenerative air sweepers also support larger intake tubes to prevent clogging. The more air a sweeper has, the better it can clean the area. The vacuum sweeper is a popular choice for construction clean-up, but it can’t match the benefits of regenerative air sweeping technology.

Maintenance of power sweeper attachments

The maintenance of power sweeper attachments is a vital aspect of proper equipment operation. Power sweeper attachments can have heavy bristles and rotating force, which make them prone to damage. Operators should check the brushes and the overall performance of the unit regularly. To extend the life of the attachment, you should follow certain guidelines. For example, you should allow the engine time to warm up before using the unit. You should also allow the oil to cycle.

For optimum performance, the brush pattern should be adjusted so that the sweeper can pick up debris with a flicking motion. Moreover, the brush must be stored properly. Excess weight can deform the brush and greatly reduce its sweeping efficiency. Also, avoid storing the sweeper attachment in direct sunlight. Exposure to sunlight can weaken the bristles and damage the material. It is recommended to clean the attachment before storing it to avoid damage. Once stored, it is important to remove all debris and secure it. It is also a good idea to store the hoses when not in use.